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Society of Radiographers

With effect from 1st October 2017 the Society & College of Radiographers (SoR) professional indemnity insurance (PII) arrangement was restricted to those practitioners working under a direct contract of employment. In response to this Corvelia has developed a specialist professional liability insurance policy that has been designed specifically for members of the SoR whose insurance needs are no longer met by the PII arrangement as a result of the change. This includes practitioners working on a self-employed, locum, free-lance or contracted basis or those placed through agencies.

Our medical liability product provides comprehensive clinical negligence protection together with additional covers for financial related claims not necessarily related to bodily injury such as data breaches, defence costs and expenses for regulatory & disciplinary proceedings or investigations, infringement of intellectual property and public liability protection. We are also able to provide solutions for non-standard areas of clinical practice such as teleradiology services, ultrasound-guided injections and Hickman line insertion to name a few. Corvelia are additionally able to offer corporate insurance solutions for practitioners contracting with a particular entity to provide fetal ultrasound scans.

Corvelia have partnered with select brokers for this area of our business to couple our unrivalled product with an unrivalled service.

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